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Hi Lovelies♡ 

Hope everyone is having a marvelous start to their week! I sure have ツ

Got to skype a bit yesterday (Sunday) with my bestie, my heartbeat, my love… So I have some new found steam for the week ahead.

I got to make a new friend who is quite adventurous, her name is Rheäzel, she has become some kind of a tour guide for me. We went into London central to see a few touristy attractions.

Yes the bus system is a tourist attraction – I am frikken in love with this city! It’s just amazing. Architectural history and a true thing of beauty.

Below is Westminster Cathedral

> I mean, how amazing is this! So inspired after yesterdays adventure.

> Magical moments

It was just so magical, ethereal and the experience made me a bit emotional. A pity we missed the mass but I will definitely visit again.

We then walked along towards Westminster and went to look inside, another breath taking experience, I was however a little disturbed by some of the plaques on the walls – about how “they” fought for our freedom..? Anyway, that being said there’s a history lesson on every few meters walked in that building.

> Just two souls walking about

> Doing what tourists do – snap happy girls!

So stunning in every way possible, I have been so taken with this city, I may just stay indefinitely! 
> As pretty as a rose!

We then walked along the Thames in search of some good Chinese food! 

> Look at this, literally wind swept

That about concludes that Misadventure of Leah in London Town with Rhea as a tour guide✌️

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Chat soon 🙂


Leah with love

Breakfast Adventure

Hey lovelies 🙂
Hope you’ve woken up on the right side of the bed..

Today I woke up in a different bedroom, a city thousands of kilometers away from a home I know and love. 

How am I feeling? Excited, nervous, hopeful and full of optimism! 

I took a “leap of faith”. Literally made a decision on a whim to apply for a job I know little to nothing about, mainly because I was starting to feel like I was wasting oxygen doing something I didn’t want to or didn’t enjoy.

This experience will see me working with people, meeting people from all walks of life. Benefitting from community life and mainly changing myself as a person. That’s what’s most exciting, everything I will gain.

This is sounding like a diary entry.

Now that I’ve digressed and gone off topic – I’ve found the most bizarre breakfast spot on the high street. 

From the outside it looks really dodge but their portions! Mercy… 

Those who really know me, know that my obsession with bacon and hot chips🍟🍟🍟is slightly unhealthy.. Slightly.. Needless to say I’m not sure how I’ll finish all this golden goodness alone.. #Nomnomnom

The coffee isn’t the best I’ve had, I like the fact that I was given the option of froth or cream. ☕️☕️☕️

It’s a very “dodgy diner” kind of joint but the owner is sweet and for less than £4 you get a decent protein, caffeine and carb breakfast.

Omw how cute is this radio!?

Need to get back to my bacon, before it gets cold. 
Hope you have a great day! 

Will post again soon, I’ll tell you about my 1st working day! 

– Leah with love 

Johannesburg sunsets and sunrises

Hellooo honey 💋

I assume that everyone is well and prepared for the coming winter. I am a summer baby, I do not believe in winter (in denial) I don’t enjoy the weather, the chilbains that I get, the dry skin and the dry lips.

It’s everything from a nightmare for me. On the bright side we have amazing winter fashion – out come the coats and scarves. But the best thing about winter in Johannesburg is the beautiful colours we see in the sky!

Below are pictures of sunsets and sunrises I have taken over the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, hopefully it brings a bit of joy to your heart.

The sun through a Jacaranda tree. (Main Avenue Randburg)


Lovely hues fading into each other. (Hill street Randburg)



Saw this streak of golden cloud in the sky on Tuesday evening. (Harley road Randburg)


Sunrise. Absolute. Beauty. 


This picture I took more for the way the leaves in the tree look against the sun. I love how it gives them a different look.


and that’s the end of my sunsets and sunrises for now atleast.

My next post will be about skincare on a budget. Have a lovely weekend!

With love,

Leah X!

Jozi Zoo

Welcome to JHB Zoo

Hello ヅ


So yesterday I visited the Johannesburg Zoo for the second time. It never gets old. I am like a little child visiting for the 1st time. I am always so fascinated by the different characteristics the individuals have. The monkeys that live entertaining and communicating, the mammoth sized snakes that just relax enjoying the warmth of the sun and then the lazy cats doing what cats do best (No! Not domestic cats). I would love this guy as a pet Mmmeoww ♥♥♥

IMG_3781They also have lots and lots of “punny”things along the walks and on the signs – also some educational areas so while you’re learning about the animals you have a little giggle as you plod along. I l♥ve this Cat Walk!


I was very glad to see that the ‘Amazon’ renovations are complete as it hosts an aquarium, menagerie of critters like bats, lots of snakes and some very interestingly patterned lizards.

zoo amazon

Below is the Gila Lizard, how beautiful are his patterns!? He is from the Amazon/South of Mexico, poor guy was over all the spectators.


The Amazon has spiders that later gave me nightmares, I can still picture them walking along my bedroom wall – (in my nightmare I fainted and then the spiders swaddle me in a web). Yeah over active imagination right there. I digress.

Unfortunately I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d liked, the excitement took over, although generally I am very snap ready and snap happy. The camera app is always open on my mobile. Always.IMG_3722

So to sum it up, the zoo is fun for people of all ages – just please no more 3 month old babies in the heat asseblief, also NO high heels! Unless you’re going to model. I think it’s ideal for dates, picnics and parties whoop-whoop!

***Just make sure that when you go you take your own perishables, plenty of hydrating liquids, wet-wipes and sunscreen! Naturally all of this I realized a bit too late, because there were two miserably tanned people on the way home. Yes pack snacks unless you’re willing to pay exorbitant prices for spiraled carbohydrates on sticks or R 25 for bottled water. I just can’t. I am no longer a “rich-kids problems”… Oh yes and a picnic blanket because you will at some point want to nap-nap on the grass or just sit and enjoy the green grass. But then you realize that you can’t and why is that? You did not bring a blanket along…

Essentials for the zoo

If you’re unfit – good luck, my walking buddy was out of breath walking up the Amazons steps, up the little hills to some of the enclosures and along the walk way to the very lazy lions – how are they kings of the jungle when all they do is sleep?? I would appreciate that life, with the title, please and thank you. ♛ I’ll be Goddess of the North wink wink.♛


Thanks for reading this weeks Misadventures of Leah in the citaaaaayyyyy!

Would love to hear (read) your comments!

Have a great week!


P.S. I am wearing a Ruth Samaai Designs top along with a sling bag that she embellished. Ruth is a Durban based fashion designer!

Okay ciao for now.

The Randburg Taxi Rank

It’s Chooose-day!

Choose to be happy, choose to mad.

This is how my day started…

Hello Nice, Hello my size, Hi Sistaz, Hello Mummy.

Those are just a few ways to greet the female patrons who are brave enough to venture through the “market” to the taxi rank. Which is a large amount of women and some younger ladies (scholars).

Now I have no problem with greeting people. Just please understand that there are boundaries for greeting. There is NO need to touch me, grab my arm or even just cross my path to say “Hello nice”. Just no. I am still trying to figure out if the guys that greet in that way are able to get ladies attention or if they get ignored 90% of the time. Surely if they continue to do that it means it has worked for them, which is a disappointment.

Then this morning was different, not too unpleasant rather amusing. I had a defender. A fighter for the integrity of the gentleman. An elderly Grandpapa scolded at a random charmer, saying that he would never get a wife if he continued to speak that way to ladies. Which was the cause of giggles and hushed mumbles from the queue I was in. I laughed and thanked the old man. We’re yet to see what the journey home has and whether that man has learned how to say good morning and good afternoon.

Shows there are still people that are willing to discipline and educate. That gave my day a good start.


Hope you have a great Chooseday!

Misadventures of Leah                                        




Finally I am posting on my blog. Yes! Took me long enough.

Initially this blog was going to be about my life with my boyfriend and cooking and basically my travels around JHB city and it’s amazing multi-cultural people. The insane taxi drivers, crazy road-ragers, fashion forward people, Sandton Dolls, Rosebank’s student life and of course the amazing, amazing Maboneng in the CBD. My heart, my other home.


*Long story short, I am single now and this is going to be a bit of a diary… So now I will still talk of my travels with a taxi etc and my life with my new flatmate and general day-to-day things that happen that make my day good!

Hope that it’s a good read and that you find something inspiring about my writing and what I have to say.

So this is ringing true. I. Am. A. Pro-cras-tin-ator. Emphasis on the “nator”.. And the spellcheck is making it “bator” haha. Made my mind go to the gutter… Yeah, sick joke.

Okay I am excited about this and will probably type exactly what I am thinking without thinking – if that makes sense, but this is all coming from the heart and I am learning as I go along (to think before I type & think!)  with a lot of things. Especially learning not procrastinate.

Today at work I learned quite a bit. DO NOT PRO-CRAS-TI-NATE!

Alright, until next time, I will be back with a longer blog.




Leah in the City